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Bryan Adams pays a visit

September 26, 2006
(This is another thing I like about living here in Finland – it actually IS possible to get concert tickets when you want to see someone bad enough!)
Last night the Hartwall Areena* was the venue for Canada’s own Bryan Adams, who is celebrating 25 years in the music business this year (boy I am getting old ). The last time he was in Finland (in 2002 I believe), I missed the chance to see him. I did however see him in 1999 at the Hietalahti beach in Helsinki and it was great. Last night was great too!  Though the mixing wasn’t so good in the first set (the drums were overpowering everything), the second set and the encores were awesome. I saw many people wearing Bryan Adams tour shirts dating back to the early 1990’s so it’s evident that he has made an effort to visit his fans in Finland every few years. We certainly appreciated it last night, as he called our thundering applause and cheers, "the best reception I have ever gotten in Helsinki."
I am Canadian as many of you know and I was a very influential 11 year-old when the album Reckless came out in 1984. I still remember that summer, when local radio stations were feeding us our daily diet of Bryan Adams tunes. While Reckless produced many "classics" and the favourite driving song of millions of Canucks (Summer of ’69), my favourite album is Waking Up The Neighbours, which brought Adams back to the forefront of Canadian music and spawned the mega-hit Everything I do I do it for you in the early 1990’s. Rare is the Canadian that doesn’t have at least ONE Bryan Adams CD in their collection… I think I have 5 or 6.
He has made England his home for many years and that was evident when I heard him speak, he’s got a touch of Brit in his voice, but still bases much of his business out of his native Vancouver. He mentioned last night that the critics have lambasted him for not releasing albums in a timely fashion (the last one was Room Service in 2004). Well Bryan, your fans are waiting for the new album, bring it on!
See more at, he just might be coming to a city near you.
* "areena" is a not a spelling mistake – it is the Finnish spelling of arena! It’s pronounced [areena]- like the ‘e’ in set, not like [ariina], like us Canadian folks might say…
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