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The Emergency Services College – learn about fire – and more!

August 11, 2006
Administered and supervised by the Ministry of the Interior, the Emergency Services College in Kuopio has been in operation since 1992; although the history of fire and rescue services is quite long in Finland. The teaching of rescue services has been organized since 1935.
You can visit the Emergency Services College by request; which is actually located in Petonen just south of Kuopio. Student fire services and rescue personnel practice on a 23-hectare training ground that puts them in all kinds of situations. They have more than 70 vehicles at their disposal.
What do students learn? In rescue skills practicals they learn first aid, diving and get involved in public education.
  • Fire fighting diploma – 57 weeks (or 1.5 years)
  • Sub-officer’s diploma – 38 weeks (or one year)
  • Fire officer’s training – 160 weeks (3.5 years) – in conjunction with a polytechnic or university, graduates can obtain a Bachelor in Engineering
Current rescue services personnel can go to the college for refreshers and additional training to keep up on their skills. The college also cooperates on the EU level, having hosted a major emergency simulation involving many other countries in 2004.
See more on the net at the Emergency Services College
You can also see more on rescue services in Finland at
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