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Travel! Travel!

June 16, 2006
The one thing I like about living here in Finland is that I can travel to lots of different places (see below for more on that). It might be expensive, but the list of destinations the Mr. and I can get to is endless. The thing that has not "taken off" here in Finland (excuse the pun ) are discount carriers and cheap flights all over the place. Sterling of Denmark set up operations here earlier this year and less than six months in, they have decided to pull out because they are not making any money. It was featured in a tabloid article a couple weeks ago and the gist of it is  – Finns will stick with trusted and true carriers, no matter what the cost. Discount carriers have made very little headway in Finland, but the fact is about five years ago there were no airlines that offered cheap flights, so this whole discount carrier thing is a relatively new phenomenon in Finland. Finnair and SAS flights are not dirt cheap, but you are pretty much guaranteed that will arrive at your destination (and back in Finland) with few problems or delays. And that is what keeps Finns booking – tried, trusted and true – old habits die hard…
For those family and friends out there reading this, you know I’ve travelled a lot since I moved here – so I have attached a few pictures from some of our trips. Where have we been?… on the Trans Siberian railway (2002), of course in Canada – but especially Manitoulin Island (2003, 2004), Ahvenanmaa / Åland (2004), Lapland (2004), Madeira (2005), Budapest (2005), Dubai (2006) and most recently Oslo (2006)… We’ve also been to Sweden, Estonia, Denmark and Latvia. We get around.  * For those folks interested in Finland – see the default photo album on the left.
Travelling is a favourite hobby for many Finns – getting away from it all once is awhile is what they really need.  YLE News recently reported that thousands of Finns have already booked their winter holiday getaways for winter 2007. The most popular destinations: The Canary Islands and Thailand. Who do they book with? See the links below. (In Finnish only)
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  1. 婧洁 permalink
    June 16, 2006 2:19 pm

    ~nice to meet you~you like travrl,aren’t you?i like travel too,but i’m a student,i don’t have time to travel~i wish i would be able to travel around after my gradation.
    and at last,welcome to my space~(i’m from China~)

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