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Rural living is trendy

June 12, 2006
Finns have renewed their love affair with the countryside. Savon Sanomat’s Sunday paper on June 11 featured a bold, hard-to-miss headline – "Life in the country is ‘in’". A poll (can’t remember what paper it was in, but….) revealed that the dream of many Finns is to own their own home and a summer cottage. In fact many Finns are modernizing their summer cottages all over the country in hopes that they will be able to retire there someday. A good friend of mine and his family are building their summer cottage in central Finland, but this will someday be his home. According to a report on YLE Radio Savo back in April, there are some 451,000 summer cottages in Finland. (How am I getting my info from the Savo area you ask? The Mr.’s parents live in the Kuopio area and we head up there now and again to work on renovating the farm house his mom grew up in. I listen to the radio and browse through the papers on occasion…)
South Ostrobothnia is inviting its own back home – last fall, one of the free papers (Alue Uutiset or Vartti – again – I can’t remember which one. I do remember the article though…) featured an article on a trade fair aimed at folks from South Ostrobothnia living in the capital area.  Hundreds of people from South Ostrobothnia (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) are being invited to head back home after years of plying their trade in the capital area. And the best part is – it’s working.
Back to the farm thing I mentioned above. This is a project that started almost four years ago, with the felling of hundreds of trees that were cut and used to build the barn. The Mr.’s parents plan to retire at this "farm" (there are no animals), so right now there is a whole lot of work to be done. With the arrival of spring it means a whole lot of different work than just renovating the house, which is what we helped with in the winter. One task that has been appointed to me more than once is piling wood. I did a lot of this at my dad’s place when I was a kid and this did not go by "Isä" unnoticed. So I did just that, I worked like a friggin’ donkey all weekend – piled wood and cut grass. (see attached pictures, that’s me on the top of the pile). I also emptied out a shed that is slated for demolition (according to Isä) in 2008. I learned how to drive the tractor (finally) and learning how to use a chain saw is next on the list. After all the renovation work is done, there are spruce forests to maintain. So there’ll be plenty of work to do for years to come. Maybe it’ll be me out there bush whacking in a few years time!
So from my point of view I suspect that this is what plenty of other Finnish families are into right now. Things like gardening, berry picking, mushroom picking, raising animals, renovating and constructing buildings are all very popular. Country living is in, but it’s not as easy as it might sound…
For more on country living in Finland see: (There’s a whole website dedicated to people who want to move to the countryside! There is no info in English yet) and
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  1. Lorena permalink
    June 12, 2006 8:53 pm

    Hello far away. I just LOVE all those beautiful photograph’s. Thank You for sharing here in Canada. Take care Mr. Photographer.  ~  Peace-~
                                                             ~ A Canadian Angel~

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