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What’s the fuss about Lordi?

May 20, 2006
As a relative newbie European, I am sorry to report that I have not become a keen follower of the Eurovision song contest. In my first year here, I met a German exchange student in my Finnish class who was completely nuts for the annual contest. He said he had almost every Eurovision compilation CD there was. I suspect that he was a rather worldly person (he learned to speak flawless Swedish and picked up a lot of Finnish in just one school year), so that could have been the root of his enthusiasm for the contest.
As many people know Eurovision was the platform that vaulted ABBA to fame in 1974; even Canadian Celine Dion represented Switzerland in 1988. Maybe my interest in the contest is non-existent because of Finland’s (well-known) dismal record. Why follow it at all when it seems so hopeless? That was, until the other day when Lordi took the stage…
Some of the performances of 80’s-like pop were completely awful! I can understand why people perked up when Lordi took the stage – there is no one else like them and there never has been. Yet people have been shocked that Lordi have been allowed to represent Finland. Why? Finland is a heavy-metal loving country and Lordi has hundreds of thousands of fans all over Europe. They’re a refreshing alternative to the scantly-clad women who prance around the stage singing pop music. I am sure many people would agree. Contrary to what critics have said about the band, they’re not promoting the devil or "evil" – out of costume they’re just ordinary people. They entertain using the horror genre as their stepping stone, plain and simple.
As director Ron Howard said about the Da Vinci Code at Cannes, if you don’t think you can handle watching Lordi at Eurovision – then don’t.
When it comes to Lordi – look under the surface, there’s a lot more there than you possibly know. See their Eurovision website at
See a little more background on the band and their involvement in Eurovision here:
Hmmm – possible Finnish victory at Eurovision and the World Hockey Championships in Riga… The country will go completely berserk!  It could happen!
21.05.2006  (9.30)- Europe has spoken! Lordi won! AWESOME! To quote Mr. Lordi – it was a vote for "open-mindedness" – rock on…
21.05.2006 (19.25) – <groan> Canada blew it at the World Hockey Championships in Riga!  Usually I like watching Canada and Finland play each other, but today in Riga had to be one of the most mean-spirited games I have ever seen them play. Stupid penalties and scrumming after the whistle… Jarkko Ruuttu has to be one of the most annoying players on the Finnish team . I like him as a person, but I sure don’t like him as a hockey player – even in games where he doesn’t play against Canada… Well – on the up side, it has been a good weekend for Finland – I guess I shouldn’t complain. 🙂 Tomorrow is a new day – yag! I will probably never hear the end of this at work.
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  1. Diana permalink
    May 22, 2006 1:51 pm

    my husband’s cousin Pablo (in Spain) is also a total Eurovision addict and it will be interesting to hear his comments about Lordi when we go over for a visit next week….. he will have an opinion (being Spanish!)

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