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Studs are considered preventative medicine

April 3, 2006
HA! Gotcha with that title eh? I am sorry to report that the title doesn’t refer to hunky men, rather metal studs that one finds on winter tires in Finland. These little bits of metal are also found on the soles of winter boots of hundreds of Finnish seniors and folks who work outdoors all over the country. Winter may be drawing to a close here in Finland, but conditions outside can often be icy at this time of the year.
While one can purchase slip-on studded boot covers from any large department store or shoe store in the country, they do not fit the same criteria that some Finnish municipalities have decided to fulfill. Considered "assistive devices" in, for example, Pori, studded winter boots have become the norm for many seniors and the cost has been subsidized by the city since 1996.
Back in 2004, the City of Helsinki passed a motion that would allow anyone who required studded boots to have them. After that dozens of employees of the City of Helsinki were fitted with studded boots.
When it comes down to it – not only is it an investment in safety, it is also an investment in preventative medicine. Some more background:
Update: must have been asleep when I wrote the title, fixed now  It’s the Finglish, I’m tellin’ ya!
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  1. Laura and JJ permalink
    April 3, 2006 6:04 pm

    All pregnant women should have a pair of those!

  2. Diana permalink
    April 11, 2006 2:05 am

    Dad used to have studs on his tires of the truck all winter… does that count? 

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