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Winter Olympics bits II

February 19, 2006
This was fun the first time around, so I thought I would do it again. Sorry for the bias to mostly Canadian and Finnish performances, but they’re the ones I mostly have my eyes on.
Hats off to ya!: Jeremy Wotherspoon who is the winning-most sprinter in men’s long track speed skating with 57 World Cup victories. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t win a medal, Canada still loves him anyways!
Ugly to watch: The finals of the women’s snowboard cross. It’s like watching roller derby on snowboards! With two Canadians in the final it looked good for at one least medal and unfortunately that’s all Canada got. Fortunately Maelle Ricker was not seriously hurt in a spectacular crash that resulted in a trip to the hospital. Lindsey Jacobellis was ultimately punished for hot dogging when she had a gold medal in her sights, I sure hope her coach chewed her out!
Ugly to watch II: American long track speed skater Shani Davis is the world record holder in the 1000m and while he is fast, he is not a pretty skater to watch. He bobs up and down like those tacky dashboard ornaments that people have in their cars. Wanna see a nice looking speed skater, watch anyone but Davis. But darn it all he’s fast!
Groaner: Canada’s 2-0 loss to Switzerland in men’s hockey.
Groaner II: Finland’s dismal performance in ski jumping, ‘nuf said!
Shocker: (This is equivalent to Sweden losing to Belarus in Salt Lake City) The American women losing to Sweden in a shoot out. Though it can’t really be considered a shocker; Maria Rooth has had hot hands this tournament and goaltender Kim Martin is arguably one of the best goalies in women’s hockey. On the other hand the Americans do not look like they have had the form they have shown in earlier tournaments…
Shocker II: The Canadian women losing to Japan in the curling round robin. Time to refocus ladies!
Shocker III: The performance of the Norwegians in cross-country skiing and speed skating… Well, they can’t dominate it forever.
Awesome: Canadian Duff Gibson, who at 39 became the oldest individual gold medal winner when he won the men’s skeleton. Hats off also to Jeff Pain who took home the silver and to Paul Boehm who finished fourth.
Cool suits!: The Norwegian men’s alpine team have great suits
Loud suits (bordering on ugly): The Russian speed skating suits
Provocative suits: Never mind the women with their skimpy suits in figure skating, how about the Dutch men whose loud orange suits also include that little patch of navy material between the legs!??!
Atta boy: Canadian Devon Kershaw who posted the fastest time after the first leg of the men’s 4x10km cross country relay. Betcha there were a lot of raised eyebrows in the crowd!
Atta girl: Janica Kostelic (CRO) for snatching the gold medal in the women’s downhill combined. She blew the rest of them away!
Way to go team: Italy in the men’s 4x10km cross-country relay, pretty gutsy performance!
Unbelievable: Have you watched any short track speed skating? The Koreans are simply amazing. Where on earth do they find the power to pass on the outside? I bet everyone else in the sport would love to get in on their training programs!
I told you so: Never underestimate the Latvians (3-3 tie with the U.S.) or the Swiss (3-2 over the Czechs and 2-0 over Canada) in men’s hockey. Like I wrote earlier, the men’s tournament is wide open.
On track: Markku Uusipaavalniemi and Co. in men’s curling. I am confident Finland will get a medal!
Better than expected: The Finnish men’s hockey team
Keeping my fingers crossed: Pierre Leuders and Lascelles Brown in men’s bobsleigh. In a sports where hundredths of a second count, the medals could go to any one of the teams currently in the top ten.
On that note, I am sure I will have more for you in the coming days; but I thought I could point you to a different kind of Olympics that were featured this weekend. For all you car lovers out there, BBC World featured the Top Gear Olympics on location in Norway. I am not a car lover per se, but I do the like the presenters because they’re pretty funny guys. Check it out on BBC World or see their website at
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