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Skiing is king

February 1, 2006
Currently it is snowing like crazy outside – cha-ching!…
I skied a lot when I was a kid. Fortunately I had parents who dragged me out into the bush on cold winter weekend afternoons and it is a habit that has re-emerged during my adult years. I started cross-country skiing again when I moved to Finland. Of course skiing in Finland is a dream because there are thousands upon thousands of kilometres of trails to ski on, some with lights, others without. I mentioned in a previous posting that I am the envy of some friends back at home because I can ski on lit trails.   In any case the other beauty of skiing in Finland is that you don’t have to pay to ski… It would be nearly criminal if Finns were made to pay to enjoy a sport millions of them love dearly. Let me rephrase that – it would  be criminal to make Finns pay to enjoy a sport that they love dearly!
WHA…? Yes sir, you have to pay to be able to ski on some trails in northern Ontario. On a recent trip back home to Canada I was baffled when I saw that you had to pay $8 (CAD) just ski in the Sudbury region! It is all based on a honour system, but would you pay to ski on trails that hadn’t been groomed yet?… At Hiawatha Ski Club in Sault Ste. Marie, you have to pay $12 for a day pass or pay some $150 for a season membership! Sheesh!… Needless to say I skied on the fields around my mom’s place – it was free! (See picture below.)
Nothing beats the sound of skis underneath your feet as you glide along the trail. The shuuush of my skis drowns out all other sounds around me – well except for the jets flying overhead as they depart the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
See more here: (Check the trail conditions in Espoo) (links to downhill skiing locations in Finland)
Check for more information on local outdoor centres in Espoo and in Helsinki. Oittaa in Espoo, for example, offers courses for people who want to improve their skiing technique.
p.s. If you are sick of snow in your part of the world, send it here. I will take it!
p.s.s. A big hello to my weird little sister in Canada, she regularly reads my blog.
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  1. Diana permalink
    February 5, 2006 3:36 am

    wow there’s no snow here in Toronto….. rain rain and more rain – it’s a Vancouver winter here…. so bizarre and up north (Sudbury) they got so much snow in one day that the roads had to be plowed 3 times!  I also heard that Hawaii got snow!  Maybe they’ll be getting a bobsled team soon!

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