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“Hey, you forgot your skis!” – the lowdown on Nordic walking

November 15, 2005
According to some statistics published last year some one million Finns are active Nordic walkers. "What is Nordic walking?" you say. Check out one of the easiest ways to keep fit since the invention of aerobics!
During my outings on my bike in and around Espoo I have seen dozens of people (including plenty of men) out Nordic walking. I suspect that a lot of the men are closet Nordic walkers – they walk in Espoo’s central park or at night so that they are not seen by other people.  Once ridiculed as a sport for women and old people, you now see people of all ages with poles in their hands.
While the fad has caught on in Europe (you see plenty of German tourists with poles for example…), it is still seen as sort of a joke in parts of the world. "You forgot your skis!" they might say. The Finns who think Nordic walking is on the strange side have been known to call it "dementia walking".
The truth is Nordic walking is a true answer to us poor saps that slave away in front of computers all day. RSI’s and ergonomic problems are a real problem for some. Nordic walking is a solution to neck pain and to that I subscribe, it has worked for me. Many doctors in Finland are suggesting Nordic walking as one solution to solving back and neck problems. I might look really goofy – but at least I’ll be healthier!
I bought my first pair of Exel poles more than five years ago. Exel has the market on Nordic walking poles, but there are a lot of knock offs out there. (See more on Exel products at Better yet, you can buy trendy Marimekko walking poles with the trademark poppy print on the shaft! They went on sale in Finland in the fall of 2004.
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