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Of beavers and cows -mumbo jumbo

October 23, 2005

Under news of the Weird…

This is from the on-line edition of Kaleva, which covers news in north Ostrobothnia and area. It was originally published on the net back in August. Thanks to the Mr. for providing a rough translation of the story.  I’ve dressed it up a little as well.


Beavers bites cow in Pielavesi

A misguided beaver caused some trouble for some cows in Pielavesi ( on Saturday. A herd in the field went wild at the site of the beaver and some of the cows took the situation into their own "horns". As the beaver was protecting itself from the onslaught of horns, it bit one of the cows in self-defence. The cow suffered bites to the legs. The beaver was also injured when it was gored by the herd and took shelter in the neighbouring farm buildings. The residents of the farm noticed the suffering beaver and asked a neighbour (also a hunter) to put the poor bugger out of its misery. Upper Savo (Ylä-Savo) municipal police reported the incident on Monday.


See the original story in Finnish here:

European beavers once inhabited Finland, but they were hunted to extinction in the 1800’s, due to the high demand for beaver pelts. Beavers were imported to Finland in the 1930’s from Canada (and also from Norway) and like their Canadian cousins, the imported beavers have made a mess of the forests and waterways of Finland. Though beavers are famous for making a mess of things, their presence in Finland has not been entirely negative. Find out more about the beaver in Finland here:


Another “news of the weird” story back in May comes from Helsingin Sanomat’s International Edition under the title: "African Mambo-Sambo prompts grey hairs in Parliament – Imprecise quote of Finance Minister Kalliomäki led to poetry of colonial era". This is well worth reporting… It must have been totally hilarious to watch people’s faces while they tried to understand what the heck these parliamentarians were referring to. See the whole story here: I am not sure if the story in Finnish was as funny as the one in English… Have a look anyways.

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