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Santa Claus is from…? (updated)

September 26, 2005
… My answer to this question in the past has nearly resulted in me having my block knocked off (and stomped on for good measure) more than once – most recently at a friend’s birthday party last weekend… Another time, a guy reached across the table hollering in my face that Santa Claus is from Finland (alcohol was a factor in that incident – I wasn’t drinking that day!). A good-natured conversation almost turned ugly!
Word of warning, if a Finn asks you where Santa Claus is from, do not answer "Sweden" or "Canada" or any other country. Smile nicely and say Finland, you will surely leave the room alive.
I am sorry, but I grew up hearing that Santa Claus was from the North Pole. He even has an address there:
Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0
That is where I sent my letters to Santa every year… I am still waiting for the stuffed reindeer I asked for when I was six years old…
Truth is, Finnish companies been aggressively making Santa Claus or joulupukki a truly Finnish brand. You can visit (the really overdone) Santa Claus land in Rovaniemi and the truly wonderful Santa Claus Main Post Office – also in Rovaniemi (
Last weekend, I met a woman who is working at a company in Helsinki that is trying to bring together all the companies in Finland that market Santa Claus (unfortunately this is all in Finnish – She said that with so many groups and businesses in Finland trying to market the same thing, it only made sense to try and steer them all in the same direction without trying to kill the competition. In that case it would steer all of these businesses and groups to work toward the same goal – making Santa Claus a truly Finnish brand.
In any case, should you want to send a letter to Santa in Finland – you can reach him at:
Santa Claus’ Main Post Office
Santa Village
96930 Napapiiri
Santa’s home in Finland is said to be at Korvatunturi, which is in the frontier zone on the Russian border. You’re better to send the letters to Napapiiri, they will definitely get through.
ho ho ho!
p.s. To comment on commercialization of Christmas in Finland – it’s coming, but it’s nothing like it is in North America. People don’t fight over buying the ultimate gift for their kids (anyone remember Elmo??), but the malls are a real glut of people during the Christmas season. And they get started far too early here. Christmas decorations make their first appearance in the stores right after Hallowe’en! sheesh!
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  1. Ðêvíü§ñMë®îø§S permalink
    September 26, 2005 4:57 pm

    Just passing through to say Hi to strangers..wait..we’re not strangers anymore =) Ðêvíü§ ñ Më®îø§ ~Laura~p.s. funny blog…of course your right about where Santa lives, I know the guy =)so ya, thats the correct address. lol

  2. Diana permalink
    September 27, 2005 12:08 am

    Well, the Santa Claus that is known in North America is an invention of Coca Cola and the Saint Nicholas that is in Europe is completely different and based on an actual person – Joulupukki isn’t either and is more like an elf… I actually prefer the story of Saint Nicholas and how he helped children and joulupukki is based on old pagan mythology. I would discard Santa Claus altogether and return Christmas to its real traditions and roots and get rid of all the nonsense of gift giving and make it more of a meaningful time of reflection and family.

  3. Melleke permalink
    October 26, 2005 12:06 pm

    hey,me again…i´ve published something bout santa myself and i had a reaction from someone…that person gave me a history bout santa…it´s in english and quiet intresseting…maybe you should give it a try and read this site??? fun…greets mel

  4. Unknown permalink
    December 13, 2005 7:20 am

    My blog answers your questions…. (SPREAD THE CHEER)Merry Christmas!- Santa

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