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The new snob sport in Finland

September 16, 2005
Golfing is the new elitist sport in Finland – if you have lots of money then you can golf in Finland too! Not only is golf insanely expensive here, the way the sport is run leaves lots of ordinary people (who would like to play) on the sidelines. If you want to golf, you have to become a member of a club, which can be thousands of dollars (if you can get in, often there are waiting lists in clubs in southern Finland). You then have to get a green card (handicap), and when you want to go golfing – you have to pay green fees on top of that! If you are a foreigner who wants to golf in Finland, you have to be a carded player with a handicap before you can even play! ( – Click the links in English for more info.
People here are nuts when it comes to golf, they’ll golf when there is still snow on the fairways, they’ll golf in the rain – heck they’ll even golf in a storm. (They were the other day!) Mind you Finland’s summer is pretty short, so you have to make the best of it while you can.
I’ll take the $43 for 18 holes at my home town’s golf course in Canada any day! (
p.s. I’ll let the cat out of the bag – I have golfed in Finland – once. In 1997, I went up to Tornio to golf at the Green Zone Golf Course, which spans the borders of Finland and Sweden, smack dab in the middle of the Tornio river – complete with a one hour time difference. They weren’t going to let me golf until I told them that the only reason why I had gone to Tornio in the first place was to golf at their golf course. The Pro in the shop reconsidered and some 100 Finnish marks later I was on my way. I had a crappy round, lost almost all the balls I bought – but the weather was good and the uniqueness of the experience was worth it.
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  1. Unknown permalink
    September 17, 2005 11:17 pm

    personally i don’t get the golf thing. one must keep in mind that it was invented by a bunch of mad Scotsmen… i suppose that they’re not so far away from Finland and that perhaps some "mixing" happened over the centuries when the Scots were raiding various coastlines…..

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