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Finland’s weird world championships

September 12, 2005
Summer is drawing to a close here and it also means that the different annual world championships that Finland is host to have been held and the winners declared.
What? You have never heard of the World Mobile Phone Throwing Championships? The World Rubber Boot Throwing Championships? Mosquito Swatting?
One of the best-known of Finland’s weird world championships is probably the World Wife Carrying Championships, where the winner receives the amount of beer equivalent to the weight of his "wife" (she can be any woman, not necessarily the contestant’s wife, but she has to be over 17 years old). They are held every year in Sonkajärvi and for the last few years the winners have been from Estonia. This year’s championships were also marked with a visit by former NBA star Dennis Rodman. (There are rumours that he may even play a game in Finland’s professional league in the near future. Negotiations are under way…)
Another well-known championship is the World Air Guitar Championships, which are held in Oulu every August. The winner receives a new guitar – and believe it or not some of the contestants don’t even play guitar. This event attracts people from all over the world, including the US, Japan and all over Europe. The organizers even hold a "clinic" to teach air guitar techniques.
You have to see to believe! Here are the homepages of some of Finland’s weirdest and best world championships!  It surprises me how serious the competition is in these circles – I love it!

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  1. Unknown permalink
    September 17, 2005 11:16 pm

    there was a short film about the air guitar championships – it was pretty funny….

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