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The biggest low pressure system ever!

August 15, 2005
The athletes at the World Championships here in Finland must have been crying their eyes out. Never in my (almost) seven years of being here have I ever seen such inclement weather in the capital area. Last week’s weather was something else! It took four days for the ugly weather to clear southern Finland. Despite the crappy weather Finnish fans stuck it out and watched the athletes do their thing. One writer for the IAAF praised the Finns for their "sisu".  They certainly possess it, there’s no lie there!
Finns were roaring their praise for Tommi Evilä, who set a new Finnish record in qualifying for the men’s long jump and took the bronze medal on Saturday night. It certainly took away some of the hurt when Tero Pitkämäki finished 4th in the men’s javelin. He’s young however, and he’ll be around for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. I can’t wait.
Canada also has something to be proud of too, Tyler Christopher took bronze in the men’s 400m on Friday. After defending champion Perdita Felicien failed to make the final for the women’s 100m hurdle finals, things looked pretty dim. She admitted to Tapio Suominen of YLE that she has had an inconsistent season and that it’s time to sit back and reflect on it. But she’ll be back and all of Canada will be waiting for her.
In other sports…
News came my way that Finland has both a men’s and women’s lacrosse team. Lacrosse has its roots in Canada, and is also played in the States. There is even a professional league in North America. I won’t take the time to explain it right now, but check it out at these sites:
  • (Finnish Lacrosse Federation) – the Finnish championships will take place on 03-04.09. 2005 in Helsinki.
  • (Canadian Lacrosse Association)
  • (2006 World Championships) – being held in London, Ontario (Canada), Finland will take part in this tournament.
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  1. Diana permalink
    August 15, 2005 8:55 pm

    there have been a bunch of articles in the Toronto Star written by Rosie DiManno about all things Finnish – I guess she’s been in Helsinki covering the games and other oddities….. don’t know if you can get her stuff online but it’s worth a read – very amusing.

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