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Attack of the hedgehog (almost)

August 15, 2005
Normally I don’t make entries so close together (or two in one day for that matter), but this is just too good to put off.
Yesterday the Mr. and I were enjoying supper on the deck on our backyard when we heard the strangest noise coming from right behind his chair. Some little critter was grunting and making its way closer to our dinner table. Well the Mr. moved closer to me and seconds later a hedgehog poked its head out of the bush. I knew that we had hedgehogs around our place because I saw one scurry through our parking back in May. Again – another first, this was the first time I had ever seen a wild hedgehog up close. (People have them as pets in other countries!) My hubby says that they’re meat eaters, so it is no wonder it showed up – we had just barbequed some moose meat. So we’re sitting there staring like little kids, being quiet as mice and the hedgehog is whiffing the air, promptly opening its mouth to show us its big teeth…
It was getting closer and closer to me and I was getting concerned about its quills. The hedgehog proceeded to walk right between my feet… I was wearing sandals – this cheeky little bugger took a whiff of my big toe, opened its mouth and… OK! That was enough of "close encounters of the wild kind" for me, I moved my foot and the hedgehog scuttled underneath the BBQ and took off. The Mr. and I were laughing our heads off.
A few weeks ago a friend of ours sheepishly recounted a hedgehog "attack" that he endured when he was younger. Unlike me, he was bitten by a hedgehog and he had to go to the hospital. Imagine the looks on the faces of the hospital staff when he said, "I got bitten by a hedgehog…"
Believe it or not!
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  1. Diana permalink
    August 15, 2005 8:53 pm

    well, too bad you didn’t get a photograph of the beast!

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