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Audioslave pays a visit

June 30, 2005
Last night we went to see Audioslave at the Ice Hall (Jäähalli) in Helsinki and I have to say it was a great concert! A dose of loud hard rock music never hurt anyone. I don’t think the concert was sold out, but there were plenty of appreciative Audioslave fans in attendance. It’s not the first time they have been here either by the sounds of it and certainly not the last according to lead singer Chris Cornell. If they come back, I just might go and see them again.
If you are a fan of hard rock and heavy metal then this is the summer to be in Finland. Finland has legions of hard rock and heavy metal fans and I am sure they are revelling in the fact that heavy weights like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Rammstein are making an appearance here this summer. It’s a pity that Olympic Stadium in Helsinki is not available as a concert venue due to renovations for the the upcoming World Track and Field Championships in August, because I have no doubt that it would have been sold out for concert line ups like the ones we are seeing this summer. However there are plenty of festivals going on all over the country and that’s where the majority of bands are playing (see more below).
Helsingin Sanomat International had a great article and accompanying tidbits on the heavy metal bands making an appearance in Finland this year:
Keep on rockin’!
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  1. Unknown permalink
    July 1, 2005 1:01 pm

    i find it quite interesting that Scandinavia is a hotbed for metal…..perhaps it’s some weird Viking thing…..

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