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They must have read my mind…

June 21, 2005

Today Helsingin Sanomat International published two articles today about things I have touched on in my last two blog entries.

The State will be entitled to confiscate the cars of convicted drunk drivers. A good first step -but they should be suspending the licences of convicted drivers for a year or more and then throwing them in jail for a few months. It just might be a good enough deterrent. Or not…  In any case here’s the first story:

Guess what annoys the hell out of Finns – TAILGATING!  I am not alone and that reassures me that I am not the only person who gets verbally abusive <insert other reactions here> when people tailgate. Get some insight on Finns and other Europeans here:

The Midsummer festival is coming up this weekend. Traditionally known as a weekend where many people drown in Finland’s waters (no joke there), the tabloids have a field day with it… "Juhannus" is actually a great time to spend with friends / family at the summer cottage; or in my case on a sailboat with some friends of mine. When the weather is good, Juhannus is what I consider the perfect Finnish holiday.

Hyvää Juhannusta!  

I’ll rant more about Finnish driving behaviour some other time.

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  1. Unknown permalink
    June 23, 2005 8:34 pm

    argh – i think that Canadians are the WORST drivers on the planet! every year there are 100,000 new cars going into the city of Toronto. I refuse to drive on the highways altho’ sometimes i have to……and then they freak out every year at the first snowstorm…..

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