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Massive hoarding of toilet paper in Finland

June 1, 2005

The reports are true… The Finnish paper industry has basically been shut down by a strike that has threatened to drag on for a long time. Reports indicate the end of June, but it could be longer.

As a result people have been panic buying toilet paper and there is none to be found in any store, anywhere! (No joke here…) Of course there will be imports of toilet paper, but we have not heard when that may happen. My hubby has not fallen for the hype surrounding the strike, so we did not buy any extra TP. We might have to go to Estonia if we run out of toilet paper at home!

BBC has a story with a sensationalistic opening sentence. They report the hoarding is happening in the capital area, but it’s happening all over Finland. NOTE – there is more to Finland than Helsinki!

In addition Finnish border guards have gone on strike, though the media has reported that this should not have an effect on Finland’s security, namely along our border with Russia. I assume their (border guards) chief concern is smuggling of illegal goods and people travelling without the proper papers. I don’t expect anything big to happen along our border with Russia – serious incidents are rare, the last one being a few years ago…

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  1. Unknown permalink
    June 23, 2005 8:30 pm

    ha ha you should’ve seen the hoarding of water in Canada when it went to the year 2000…..

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