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Odds and Sods

May 27, 2005

Some weather related news… Flooding in the far north of Finland has forced evacuations in the community of Ivalo in northeastern Finland. Ivalojoki* burst its banks a few days ago and has reached record high levels according to YLE News. The recent heavy rains and quick melting of snow has contributed to this crisis. Floods on Ounasjoki are also creating havoc in Kittilä in northwestern Finland, forcing the evacuation more than 130 people there…

It was so warm here on Tuesday that temperature records were set in several communities around the country. I made the mistake of wearing a long-sleeved shirt that day. At a reception for Canadian members of the Finnish expatriate parliament in Helsinki, many people complained that it was too hot. Many of them could never remember it being so hot in Finland at this time of the year.

That’s a true Finn for ya!  The weather situation is never perfect.

If you’re a music fan – especially rock and alternative, you should find out more about Finland’s most popular performers:

According to reports from Helsingin Sanomat, "Finland has been chosen to co-host the prestigious opening night party of the 2006 MIDEM music festival in Cannes next January." Finland was Europe’s largest export market in 2004. Read the story here: It means greater things are in store for Finnish music. It’s pretty exciting, since I have been living here the Finnish film and music industries have been working over time, and things are starting to pay off.

Until next time…

* joki [yoki] is river in Finnish

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