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What do Finns want to be when they grow up?

May 19, 2005

According to a survey conducted by Helsingin Sanomat‘s Koulutusliite lots of Finnish teens would love to be a chef! HS received responses from 28 schools for a total 1395 answers from grade 9 students (about 15 years old). Students were given a range of more than 70 professions to choose from. Here’s the top 15:

  1. Chef (20%)
  2. Youth worker (19%)
  3. Police officer (18%)
  4. Photographer (18%)
  5. Lawyer (18%)
  6. Architect (17%)
  7. Teacher (17%)
  8. ATK-consultants (15%) (that is a tough one to translate! ATK means electronic data processing in English)
  9. Psychologist (15%)
  10. Doctor (15%)
  11. Child care worker (15%)
  12. Planner (15%)
  13. Artist (15%)
  14. Hair dresser / Barber (15%)
  15. Flight attendant (15%)

Other professions that ranked in the top 30 included engineering, cosmetology, physiotherapist, sales, veterinary medicine, airline pilot and journalism. The future bodes well for up and coming professionals in Finland!

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