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Cheers to all hockey fans!

April 29, 2005

The latest Power Rankings are out from the World Hockey Championship website (, this is a bit of a surprise to me… but – hey, that’s hockey!

1. Canada
2. Czech Republic
3. USA
4. Slovakia
5. Sweden
6. Finland
7. Russia
8. Switzerland

How do I talk about hockey here without inflaming the passions of hockey fans all over the world who would seemingly defend their teams to the death? Well there aren’t as many hooligans in hockey as there are in football (soccer).

I teach English as a second job here in Finland… Yesterday I made a bet with some of my students (we each put €1) on who will win the WHC this year. The majority of us thought that the Czech Republic would pull it off. Even though Canada is ranked number one, we all know that anything can happen in the tournament. I would love to see Canada win (being the Canuck I am), but I am secretly rooting for Finland too. They haven’t won a World Championship since 1995 and I think it is high time that a team like Finland knocks off the top four to take it all. Last fall’s World Cup of Hockey really showed that the Finns have guts and I expect them to do something this tournament event though they will be without a lot of their big guns.

My cheers and greetings to all hockey fans! May the best team come out on top!

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